Book Review: Wedlocked

Book: Wedlocked

Genre: Chick Lit / Contemporary Fiction / Women's Fiction

Author: Bonnie Trachtenberg

Cover Critique:

The cover of the book is so funny. The couple wearing handcuffs on wedding day perfectly fits the title and theme of the book. Since pink and aqua are both my favourite colours, I love it.


When we say, “Relationships are complicated”, we are usually thinking of either love relationships ending in marriage/divorce or lasting friendships getting sour. But there are other relationships which are as strong and sometimes full of complications. We do not choose them, we are born tied to them. Yes, I am talking about parent-child relationship, which has its turns and twists especially when children grow up and want to make their own life decisions, sometimes parents are so imposing or dominating or just too over-protective to let go of things and face the fact that their children are adults and should be given space and understanding, even confidence to make important decisions of their life such as: which career to choose Or who should be their life-partner. They think that just because they have given birth to them, it is their right to control their lives forever! I am not saying that all parents behave that way, but some do! I see some of you can relate to what I am saying. 

This book explores such a chaotic relationship between a mother and a daughter (the main protagonist of this story). Rebecca is a 30 plus woman who wants to try her luck in Hollywood. One of her great passions is to become an actress but her mother strongly disapproves of this because she belongs to a traditional family who find it against their ethics and morals. Nonetheless, she follows her interest but partly as a revolt to her mother’s decision. She feels suppressed and longs for her mother to back her up in her career move but nothing of that sort happens, rather this issue causes them to drift apart as they end up hardly speaking to each other for a year.

While things remain topsy-turvy between the two, she keeps struggling for her dream role by working as a part-time waitress and looking for that golden chance to make her a star. Her (failing) attempts end up in depression and she starts seeing a psychologist who makes her realize that she is doing things half-heartedly and out of grudge for her mother, not because of her passion. Find out whether her dream of starring a big role gets true or not. Most of all, does she manage to patch up things with her mother or things go insane after that.

Besides her acting career, there is another typhoon going in her life, her wedding with the wrong guy, Craig which follows another roller-coaster ride, full of (mis)adventures and mishaps. It gets quite ballistic at the end but then the author finally manages to pull all strings together which saves it from getting off the rail. The story gets interesting when she gets away from that “psycho”, lands up in the arms of a flirtatious movie director whose charm makes her blind – well, “love is blind” so not much of her fault. But is he “The One”? or is there someone else waiting to be discovered by her. Read the book to figure out who is her “true love” and does she get to have a “happy ever after”.

I managed to read this book in just two sittings as I found the plot and the storyline well-drafted and well-executed though there were a few clich├ęs and hitches here and there but overall, the whole thing turned out just fine. The author narrates it in a hefty fashion in the start but after a few chapters when you are totally engrossed in the story, you get used to it. In the middle, it gets better as the writer gets hold of her initial inertia and gets in the groove. Since this is Bonnie’s first novel, I would say it is a good attempt though there is always room for improvement. The few tweaks in writing style (such as more use of smart dialogues and keeping the pace of the story even from beginning to end) need to be taken care of, to keep the readers at the edge of their seats.

The book is easy-to-read as it is not overloaded with characters or viewpoints. It is written in first person POV. The secondary characters such as those of Rebecca’s sisters, her parents, her boyfriends and even of her best friend and therapist, Karen is sketched nicely. They all provide a direction to the story. I really liked how the character of Craig was shown, in spite of his weaknesses and craziness, it was not all-evil. The author kept it genuine and believable. I also loved the main character of Rebecca who goes through a lot of upheavals and learns to survive and make right decisions for herself. Even when she is vulnerable, she is smart and it shows the strength of her character.

The book is written from a mature perspective. It is engaging and heart-warming while making you learn a thing or two about practical life. I can see that Bonnie has put her heart into it and surely does not disappoint the reader/critic in me. I hope that her next endeavour will turn out to be more exciting than this one. All the best, Bonnie!

Review Girl Rating: 8/10

“I would like to thank Bonnie Trachtenberg for sending me a free paperback of her book, Wedlocked for the purpose of reviewing it on my blog. To buy this book on Amazon, click here. You can also buy this book direct from her website, by clicking here.” 


  1. Sounds nice. I really like the cover lol very witty.

  2. @Pandora: Thanks dear. Lol..it is hilarious!:)

  3. Attractive title, interesting theme, I must give a read to the book Komal.

  4. I agree with Pandora's Box--that cover is awesome. Like you wrote, it does sound like a perfect fit for the book :0)

  5. Great review--and I agree with all the cover comments!

    I also like the fact that Craig isn't demonised, but rather that he's allowed to be a flawed person instead. I find that too often a guy is typecast not just as a wrong guy, but as a bad guy, so it's nice to see a different approach.

  6. @Stephanie: Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. Yes, a good story means it should have believable and well-rounded characters. Hope you enjoy this book!:)


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