Book Review: Darcy and Fitzwilliam

Book: Darcy and Fitzwilliam

Genre: Historical Fiction

Author: Karen V. Wasylowski

Cover Critique:

I heart the cover of this book - the background in lush green colour and the image of suave Darcy running after carefree Fitzwilliam is just perfect. There is a mystery to it which makes it so fascinating that you want to pick it up the moment you see it. On the back flap, it is written, “a gentleman in love cannot survive without his best friend” – which sums up the book superbly.


I was looking to read something different, as you know it is good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and try something new. I do not read historical fiction but I decided to give it a go as there was something about the cover which prompted me to read Karen’s take on one of the most loved books in literature of all times, Jane Austen’s novel, “Pride and Prejudice”. I have not read other adaptations by present novelists so I will not be comparing it to their imitations but I will take a note of the development of the story as Karen (the author) interprets and develops it further in this book.

As we already know that Elizabeth Bennet is the protagonist of “Pride and Prejudice” known for her intelligence, liveliness, beauty and a great sense of wit, although with a tendency to judge on first impressions – more or less personified as “prejudice”. The other main character in Jane Austen’s popular novel is of Mr. Darcy who is the wealthy owner of the famous family estate of Pemberley in Derbyshire. By appearance, he is relatively taller than his cousin Richard Fitzwilliam. Although intelligent, but his extremely reserved nature leads others to think he has excessive “pride”. Those who know him well, like his cousin and best friend Richard, value him because of his manners.

Now coming back to Karen’s book, she focuses on developing the character of Richard Fitzwilliam and the unflinching bond of friendship between two cousins, Darcy and Fitzwilliam. In prologue, she opens with the interaction between the two of them while Fitzwilliam is going to war and how Darcy is feeling empty and alone thinking that he would be away in France. The notable point is the connection and the attachment which prepares Jane Austen’s fans that this is going to be the tale of “a gentleman and an officer”.

The author very smartly starts the opening chapters with the main characters of Jane’s novel, showing Elizabeth and Darcy’s marital relationship, the unpredictability yet the obvious chemistry of their love comes forward through various scenes. Then, we see that Richard has returned and the scene when he meets Darcy in his drawing room while Elizabeth is taking a walk outside, is worth-noticing. Here, the author shows us the jolly and playful nature of Richard and his closeness with Darcy, thus keeping up the momentum of the story.

What I really liked was that Karen did not spoil the charm of Jane’s novel, she simply started from where Jane left it. It was like reading a perfect sequel while keeping the most beloved characters true to their form – as enjoyable and lovable as before. The interactions between Darcy and Fitzwilliam are to die for – subtle hints here and there while bringing out their contrasting personalities. The author keeps the charm of the early 19th century alive by showcasing the mannerism, social norms and issues with her clever writing style. I felt I was transformed into that period and was part of the story when I was reading it. It shows the immense talent of the author as she does not let down Jane Austen’s fans.

My most memorable scene from the book is when Elizabeth and Darcy have a nasty fight (due to Caroline Bingley) and Elizabeth gets into labour when Darcy is out of the house. We see how she is rescued by Fitzwilliam’s wife Amanda and how Fitzwilliam saves Darcy’s marriage from collapsing and bringing them together again. That scene literally made me cry! It is written beautifully and Karen deserves all the praise for handling such a sensitive situation carefully so as not to make it look disturbing or morbid.

Don’t worry the part after that will make every reader smile as she ends the book on such a positive note. It just strengthens your belief in true friendships while Richard’s jokes will keep you laughing all through the book. I like how Karen keeps it open-ended so it can be turned into next book if required. Read it to know more!

The book manifests the works of brilliant and fluid writing which makes your heart jump along with the characters. I got angry, I cried, I laughed, and I even blushed – as I read this book. Pick it up if you love Darcy and Fitzwilliam and wonder how Jane would have written it, had there been a sequel to this cult classic. Highly recommended!

Review Girl Rating: 9/10 

“I would like to thank Karen V. Wasylowski for sending me a free copy of her book, Darcy and Fitzwilliam for the purpose of reviewing it on my blog. To buy this book on Amazon, click here. You can also buy this book direct from her website, by clicking here.”

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  1. I usually don't read adaptations or sequels written by other people to books I love, but you make this one sound so good!

  2. @Sam: Thanks for your lovely feedback. Even I don't read adaptations, but this one is pretty good. The best thing is..it does not spoil the charm of the original ..just adds to it!:)

  3. Every character -- from the hero/heroine to a secondary character -- has a backstory. It takes a certain bravery for a writer to frame a story around existing characters from a great book. Sounds like you found this re-imagining worth it.

  4. @Daborah: Exactly my point...it definitely takes courage to put yourself in the shoes of a great writer and try to re-invent the story. Yes, I enjoyed it thoroughly!:) Thanks so much for your comment. I really enjoy your straight-forward and thoughtful words!:)

  5. Great review! If Ms. Wasylowski is able to expertly build upon a Jane Austen classic and infuse the story with new life, she is a most gifted writer indeed! Her books will surely be in high demand for all of us Austen fans. I will definitely add this to my list...and I heart the cover too!

  6. Wow! Thank you so much! I was absolutely terrified to read your review but now I do believe you are brilliant! I love these characters so very much and appreciate the kind words more than you will ever know.

  7. I love adaptations of my favorite books, especially Jane Austen's! So many people have great takes on the story, that I never would have thought of! This book definitely sounds like one I would enjoy :)

  8. Darcy and Elizabeth have a nasty fight?!!! Oh well - I guess that should not surprise me, since most of P&P is a prolonged fight between them. Thanks so much for going outside your comfort zone and reviewing this book. It sounds like one I will definitely enjoy.

  9. I realize a few people became angry that I wrote Darcy and Lizzy having a fight. But I wanted them to be a real couple, not the two dimensional perfection that they are always portrayed as. In real life couples have fights, and it's their only fight, and Lizzy is pregnant, having a grand hormonal swing. The editor refused to let me explain the hormonal part because in 1815 no one knew about hormones, so it just seems Lizzy is going off on a tangent. It's normal for couples to fight occasionally. At least in my house it is, as long as you talk it out and go to bed happy.

  10. @Bonnie: Thanks for your detailed comment. I am happy you liked my review so much that it prompted you to add Karen's book in your wishlist. I love happy thoughts!:)

  11. @Karen: Thanks for the love and warmth evident from your words. It has been a pleasure to co-ordinate with you!:) Good to see you following up on the reader's comments, I really like it when authors show such professional attitude!:)

  12. @Julie and Carol: Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

    @Karen: I so agree with you when you said, "t's normal for couples to fight occasionally. At least in my house it is, as long as you talk it out and go to bed happy."

    In my opinion, fights between couples are a sign of healthy relationship. It is a problem when they do not fight at all - makes me wonder something fishy going on behind each other's back..lol

  13. Wow! Who'd have thought of writing a sequel for the famous classic. Karen had some big shoes to fill :) Great review. Adding it to my wishlist.
    My latest post:

  14. Glad you liked my review!:)
    Hoping on over to check your post now:)


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