Movie Review: Tangled

Movie: Tangled 

Genre: Animation, Kids & Family, Musical & Performing Arts, Comedy

Rated: PG

Starring: Mandy Moore Zachary Levi Donna Murphy

Classic fairytale takes a fresh turn in Disney’s 50th animation film, Tangled, as directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno tell the adventurous tale of Rapunzel, long-haired beauty with magical locks, who frees herself from the clutches of evil witch, with the help of handsome thief, Flynn Rider.

Tangled is a roller-coaster ride of fun, adventure, comedy and romance. The film is about Rapunzel who has lived her whole life in a mysterious tower with a friendly chameleon, Pascal and her evil mother. She possesses long flowing golden hair, but is unaware of the secret of her mother which is hidden under her tangled hair. On her 18th birthday, she wishes to leave the tower to see the floating lights which appear on her birthday every year. As her mother refuses to let her fulfil her wish, she leaves the tower along with the “most-wanted” yet charming thug, Flynn, to discover the truth about her life. Together, they pass through many dangers with the help of a feisty horse, Maximus and kind hoodlums on this nail-biting, action-packed expedition of their lives.

It is a journey of self-discovery of a submissive girl who turns into a self-assured and confident princess. Rapunzel’s character shares many similarities with previous favourite heroines, Pocahontas(1996) and Anastasia(1997). All of them present determined heroines who are willing to take risks to find their own true potential and undergo a transformation from subdued to self-aware and strong individuals. Yet, all of them hold stark differences as well which make them unique and remarkable. Though, Rapunzel is definitely a lovable character, my all-time favourite animation film heroine still remains Anastasia!

Disney is known for adapting classic fairy tales such as Cindrella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Aladdin and The Princess and the Frog (2009). What I really like about Tangled, is that in spite of putting a modern twist, it improves the tale and does not spoil its old charm, perfectly fitting for today’s generation. My most memorable scene would be where Flynn and Rapunzel are sitting in a boat and the whole sky is filled with floating lights. The scene simply sticks in the mind because of its extremely striking 3D visuals, which take you in a dream world, full of romance and passion.

Tangled promises impressive musical score given by Alan Menken (who wrote the songs for Aladdin and many other classic Disney films) but I won’t rate it as good as the songs of Aladdin or Anastasia which take me back to my childhood days. The astounding 3D effects are certainly one of the reasons you should watch this and be mesmerized. I would recommend that you get the 3D boxed set if you are a sucker for Disney romance tales like I am!

Tangled hits Blu-ray, DVD, and 3-D Blu-ray March 29, 2011

Review Girl Rating: 9/10


  1. I have watched this movie. Its just so amazing. But your review on this movie is making me watch it again =)
    Well done

  2. Thanks a bunch on your lovely feedback!:) I love this movie too, especially the parts when Rapunzel hits Flynn with frying pan! So funny!

  3. I wud love to c d movie coz u described it sooooo interestingly.

  4. @ankhseojhal: Thanks so much for finding my blog post interesting. I would love to keep it entertaining in future posts as well. So, watch this space for more posts! :)

  5. I am not a big fan of animated movies , but your review paints quite a picture which kinda motivates me to watch this one.
    Will let you know how it turns out to be for me.

  6. @verma: Animation has got an edge now as it has become far more appealing due to 3D effects and one of the highest grossers in last decade have been animated movies. Do check out and maybe u ll come to like it!:)

  7. Love your blog, and I love this post, but as a Disney fanatic I do have to point out a teensy tiny thing: Anastasia isn't Disney. Great movie though :)

  8. @anon: Thanks so much for correcting. I just checked, Anastasia is 20th Century Fox film. Keep reading for more posts!:)

  9. By watching just the trailer I can guess your review is perfect. Do | still need to watch the whole movie?


  10. I'm your newest follower! Nice blog. I love how you have such a variety of things that you review.

    Feel free to check me out when you have the time: http://cleanromancereviews.blogspot.com

  11. @Jen: Loving ur blog and following now!:)
    Keep watching this space for more varied reviews! thx:)

  12. @profman: Thanks for wonderful feedback. I believe there is always room for improvement, so "perfect" may be just a beginning to new and better reviews. thx again:)

  13. I'm loving the blog :) I just became a follower as well. I loved watching "Tangled". The Animation and 3D effects have really made such a big difference since the days of growing up with "The Loin King", "Cinderella" and "Aladdin". I'm so looking forward to seeing what other animation movies Disney might release in the coming years.

    ~Natasha~ ( http://enchantedramblings.blogspot.com )

  14. Hi, Komal Mansoor!
    My name is Kohwimps.
    Do you remember me??
    You wrote comments my articles in my blog.
    You're blog seems to be interesting, I think.:)
    So, I followed you!
    Nice to meet you.

  15. Awesome review ;)
    I LOVE this movie.

    I'm following

  16. @Kohwimps: Nice to know that u liked my blog. Yes, of course I remember u!:) Hope to stay in touch and keep reading for more posts!:)

    @Elisabeth: Thanx for sweet comment! Will check ur blog too.

  17. I love this movie! Fantastic review!

  18. @twifan: Glad u enjoyed my review! Plz check my other posts as well, ur comments r appreciated!:)

  19. I've heard a lot about this one, thanks for the review.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  20. This was definitely one of my favs! I adore Rapunzel. She's like the grown up version of my niece, LOL. I'm happy to be following you!

  21. @J.Lee: Aweeee! Your niece must be so cute then!:) So happy that your are a follower!:) Keep reading!

  22. I still loved the film and believe it's a great addition to Disney's animated classics. Lastly, let me just add a big "Yeah!" to the film's final moments when Flynn, back in narrator mode, reveals that it was several years before he and Rapunzel got married. A much better message for children than the more usual we-saw-each-other-twice-before-tying-the-knot which seems almost de rigueur in so many fairy tales.

  23. I absolutely loved Tangled. I think it's one of the best adaptations of Disney.

    Sarah @ Smitten over Books


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