Valentine's Day Special Book Review & Giveaway: Valentine Delights "Be Mine"

Book: Valentine Delights "Be Mine" (Short Story Collection) 

Genre: Chick Lit, Romance 

Authors: Liberty Blake, Jillian Chantal, Jennifer Daiker 

Cover Critique:

The cover is breathtaking with its deep red silk wrap and red rose, makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! So tempting and beautiful packaging. I love it!

Book Blurb:

First Story: “The Coroner’s Heart” by Jillian Chantal
Making a Valentine’s Day candy heart from Jell-o is easy for this coroner, performing an autopsy on a real heart is even easier, but what happens when her own heart is at risk?

Second Story: “Latte Love” by Jennifer Daiker
When Charlie's secret admirer orders more than just a steamy latte this Valentine's Day, the secrets have never been sweeter.

Third Story: “Change Of Heart” by Liberty Blake
After the night they spent in the hot tub, Melody believed her new man wanted a relationship, but now it was Valentine's Day and not even a phone call. Did he have a change of heart?


This is my first review of a short story collection. I have read short stories in my college days but it has been a while since I picked an anthology of short stories, it seems I have been too busy reviewing one novel after another. So, when I read it in the afternoon along with my tea and snacks, it turned out to be the ideal accompaniment!

It was a perfect change of pace from the usual long sittings to finish up 400 pages of a novel, especially when I did not have much time to invest in a full-length book but still wanted to relax myself with a cosy reading. These light-hearted and sweet short-length stories turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

Let’s start with the first story. “The Coronary Heart” begins right in the middle of the things - as the characters are introduced and thrown in the mix of events to build up the romance for the climax. I loved how the writer sets the pace of the story, with the urgency essential to move the story to a fast forward while pulling in the reader for a dose of romance.

The increasing sexual tension between Elspeth and Adam set against the backdrop of a murder investigation is powerful and engrossing. The witty retorts, biting sarcasm and flirtatious charm of Adam are simply irresistible. He is definitely the most memorable character (hero) who is not portrayed as a hunk of beef but with an attractive personality that every woman vies for.

This is, without doubt, my favourite story among the other stories in the book. It is not all sugary sweet but has a tangy flavour which I devoured! It is commendable how the writer packs such a gripping tale in so less words. A must-read for lovers! Since there are three different stories in this book, I will mark them individually. “The Coronary Heart” gets 10/10 from me.

Moving on to the second story in the book: “Latte Love” is full of sweetness and warmth with a little bit of suspense. I enjoyed the close friendship between Charlie (the heroine) and Zoe (her female room-mate), which made me feel it was more of a chick-lit than a passionate tale of romance. Usual girly fun and typical chick-lit plot!

The story is written from first person perspective which I felt limited the reader’s view, maybe because I wanted to know more about the mystery guy, Michael. It is my personal view but I think the story might have been more appealing if the reader would have been able to get into the head of Michael or the writer would have given him more space with a bit more romantic dialogue and scenes between Michael and Charlie.

It was an okay read, quite predictable. Had it been a stand-alone chick-lit novel (it had all the elements to turn into one!), I would have given it 9/10. But since I was expecting strong love connection as the outcome of a romance tale, with less girlish talk, I will rate it 8/10.

“Change of Heart”, third story in this special collection for Valentine’s Day, was full of fiery passion and sizzling romance between Mike and Melody. In spite of “hot and spicy” love scenes (which came as quite a surprise to me!), the story flowed nicely reeling in all the emotion required to make it a convincing tale. It was sensual yet unique in terms of plot and I thoroughly enjoyed the supporting cast, which did not distract from the actual story but lead it towards the meeting between the hero and heroine.

My most memorable scene would be, when Melody decides to give a free box of chocolates along with the dozen roses to an old man who wishes to give “sixty long-stem roses” to his wife, Rose. So adorable! There is another brilliantly written scene between Melody and her ex, when she hits him in the groin as he tries to molest her. I liked the fact that in spite of having difficult scenes that needed to be written with a lot of care and precision (so they don’t get repulsive yet remain believable), the writer managed to pull them off successfully. I would rate this story as 9/10.

My final verdict: This collection is full of different flavours from sweet and bubbly to juicy and spicy tales, oozing with love and warmth. A tasty treat for Valentines! Not to be missed! Pick this book to read with your partner for a romantic evening together.

“I would like to thank Still Moments Publishing house for sending me a free copy of this book, for the purpose of reviewing it on my blog. You can buy this book directly from their website, by clicking here.”

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  1. Great review. And I'm so glad you're reviewing some anthologies. There are more and more of these coming out in ebooks, and I love to read shorts--especially when I'm waiting in the doctor's office or standing in line somewhere! I hope you'll do more. Thanks!

  2. I could not agree more, it is the perfect use of that short-time and provides ideal escape from the humdrum. Yes, I am going to do more shorts soon, so keep reading. Thanks for your lovely comment! :)

  3. Anthology reviews are usually vague and don't really focus much on the essence of the stories on individual basis but I find your review to be more satisfying in that regard because you reviewed them separately.I'm intrigued and would very much like to read this anthology :)


    1. When I started writing the review, I was not sure how it was going to turn out, but then, I thought, since the stories are complete and entertaining even if you read them seperately, I should rate them individually too. I am glad you found it understandable and not confusing. Thanks for entering the giveaway! Good luck! :)

  4. Oh my! I think the last time I read an anthology of short stories I was in grad school and reading for children's lit. What a change this one would be - love stories!

    I need to pick up some anthologies to read for a break in between novels. Sometimes, like you said, you just need something short for a cozy read in between!

    Thank you for the encouraging review.

    1. I can see many of us read anthologies as part of our syllabus from school, but since I was interested in Literature, I always used to pick some short plays or stories to read in my summer vacations (In Pakistan, we get summer holidays, instead of winter ones!). I have always relished those mini-breaks, so yes, do pick these love stories, you will find them refreshing. Thanks for your positive feedback.

      Dear, you did not give your e-mail address, plz write one, so I can contact you if you win. Thanks.

  5. Not an entry - I just don't do e-books. But I have been doing a lot of short story collections lately on my blog as well and have discovered that I quite enjoy them.

    1. Thanks for dropping by to comment, even when you are not taking part in the contest.

      By the way, e-books are not that bad, it is just a matter of getting used to the new technology (e-readers). I would not suggest you to read them on PC, because that will actually kill your enthusiasm to get into something new and are also a big strain on the eyes, especially if you have weak eye-sight! (but again, that is my viewpoint).

  6. Awesome Review :) Might check th book out. :)

    P.S I tagged you. http://readinglittlebitofeverything.blogspot.com/2012/02/ive-been-tagged-your-it.html

  7. Thank you so much for the review. You have made my day!!!

  8. Great review, I definitely want to read these short stories. Not just for Valentines either. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this give-away.

  9. thank 4 share. I love to read. N i'd love to read this book. Hope i can win

  10. Great review! With college and whatnot, I currently am in that situation where I don't have time to read a huge novel yet do want to read something good...
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway, international giveaways are hard to find!



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