Music Review: : Give Me Everything (Tonight) ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer

Single: Give Me Everything (Tonight) ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer

Genre: Hip Hop / Electro Pop / Dance Pop

Album: Planet Pit (2011)

Artist: Pitbull

‘Every dog has his day’ and this Miami born rapper is gleefully enjoying his, with the instant success of this second single from his forthcoming sixth studio album, Planet Pit (2011). Give me everything has absolutely got “something”, if not “everything”, to make this song a chart-topper in UK and claiming its place in the top 5 songs internationally. Like a bullet, this song has climbed the Billboard Hot 100 charts with its entry from 60th position to acquiring second place on the charts in no time! Talking about the element of “hotness”, it is undoubtedly a sizzling and scintillating number and has got the necessary oomph factor to become one of the “hottest dance party anthems” of this summer, along with Jlo’s “On the Floor” which also features none other than Pitbull!

The song features the sensational voice of Ne-Yo, along with the steaming hot voice of Nayer and of course some juicy rap by Pitbull. It kicks off with the powerful and highly infectious chorus by Ne-Yo, “Grab somebody sexy, tell ‘em hey, Give me everything tonight”. The lyrics are flirtatious and naughty and are sure to become one-liners at the disco bars. The song beautifully mixes the two very distinct styles of singing, R&B quality of Ne-Yo and the bizarre rap of Pitbull. The end result is a lethal combo, which makes the song catchy and funky at the same time.

Ne-Yo and Pitbull performing "Give Me Everything" at Billboard Music Awards 2011

The funny part is how Pitbull incorporates Kodak and Lindsay Lohan together in one song. Like all Pitbull songs, some of his rap does not make any sense like, “Cuz if you slip, I am gonna fall on top of you girl”. But his rhythmic line, “Excuse me, but I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight” got stuck and kept running in my head like a CD stuck on replay! So, no matter how cheap or simple the lyrics are, they gel surprisingly well with the pumping dance beats and the overall effect is so gripping that you just can’t deny it! Perfect for parties, discs and of course libido inducing activities, this song is a sure-shot hit and will stay on top of the music charts for a long time!

Final verdict: If you loved dancing like a freak to Party Rock Anthem (ft. Lauren Benett, GoonRock) by LMFAO, then you will simply ‘heart’ this awesome dance number! Put on some flashy clothes and shake that booty like a crazy party animal to this highly energetic and upbeat dance song. I am addicted to it right now and its one song I am listening to day and night since its video release. If you are feeling blue, I am sure it will put you in high spirits so, give it a go!

Planet Pit is available from Amazon. To buy, click here

Rating: 9/10



  1. I hated this type of music but my kids love it so I decided that maybe I'd better learn something about it and actually try listening to it with an open mind - much to my shock I have learned to love it = thanks for the post because the more I read about it the more I understand and then like it.

  2. @Brenda: Loved your comment!:) I love listening to rap but Pitbull's rap is usually not my type, even then, I find this song extremely orgasmic to the ears! LOL! I think whatever clicks and stays with you is worth-listening music. This song has that quality, its purely infectious!

  3. I love songs that are good enough to get stuck in my head.

    All songs like that except The Song That Never Ends. My kids love that silly song ahhhh LOL!

  4. @Elisa: LOL! Your kids have got a gr8 taste, I tell ya!;) Shooo cute!:)

  5. Sounds great! I love catchy tunes.

  6. @Talli: Thanks so much for lovely comment and follow!:)

  7. It is impossible not to like this song? It is infectious from the first listen. I has hit written all over it. I agree with your great review...a good writer evokes emotion and you did just that. Really enjoyed reading it :)

  8. @Kim: Oh! That's lovely! Happy to hear that you enjoyed it!:)


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