Book Review: Treasure Me

Book: Treasure Me

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Mystery/ Contemporary Fiction

Author: Christine Nolfi

Cover Critique:

The cover is somewhat straight-forward and simple like a textbook with dull colors. It gives me an impression that I picked one of the books from the classical literature section. I am saying it as a good thing because I am fond of classics! I like the cover as it is well-fitted to the theme of the book but it needs to be perked up a little.


A ‘bold and beautiful’ female thief named Birdie and a nosy but handsome investigative journalist Hugh come together in this sizzling romantic comedy as they uncover the mystery of the treasure left by Birdie’s ancestors. In this “peel the onion” kind of mystery, each chapter unfolds one layer after another in the form of clues. As Birdie gathers all the clues to hunt the family treasure, lots of other ambiguities emerge to the surface. With many twists and turns that follow in the story, the complexities grow as the plot thickens!

While she works as a part-time waitress in old town Liberty’s restaurant, “The Second Chance Grill”, she gains trust and support from her newly made friends, keeping her actual identity and motive ‘a secret’ from the people of Liberty. But how long will she be able to keep her criminal instincts a secret? Will Birdie succeed in finding the treasure: bags full of precious gems? Or Is she going to be exposed by someone whom she dared to trust? Will she be able to leave the life of a criminal and start afresh? Most importantly, will she learn to trust her guts and build relationships? There is thrill, there is adventure and of course, there is romance!

The story starts with the main character, Birdie Kaminsky pick pocketing an old guy and running away from him, finally landing at her tiny apartment and managing to escape with the help of her good-hearted neighbours. Soon we see her setting off to Ohio, to a small town named Liberty. The writer uses “flashback” technique to tell the readers about her family background. She belongs to a family of con artists and criminals. Her mother, Wish Kaminsky lures rich gullible men and then vanishes with all their wealth to a far off place.

The writer lends an emotional touch to her character showing that even a thief has a heart. Birdie longs for family and friends and affection which she could never get in her childhood as she got dragged along with her mother from one town to another, stealing and running heists. But unlike her mother, she wants to settle down in her life and leave illegal stuff. Thus, the reader starts to feel sympathetic towards her.

She is hoping to gain a lot of wealth very soon (as she sets off to Liberty to discover the family treasure) to fulfill her dream of living a normal life. But even this shortcut is filled with many hurdles which she has to pass to reach the jackpot! She has just got one clue with her, “Liberty safeguards the cherished heart” and that she is somehow related to freedwoman of Civil War, Justice Postell whose picture she finds hung on the wall of the restaurant, “The Second Chance Grill”.

Things get a lot spicy with the entry of cynical journalist Hugh, who also comes to this restaurant to expose a scam for his next article. The plethora of engaging characters, each holding their charm and uniqueness work as perfect catalysts to advance the story. We come to know angry cook Finney, easy-going waitress Delia, the ever-amusing Theodora, wise teenager Blossom, depressed father Landon, strict boss Bud and several other secondary characters. The igniting chemistry between the hero and heroine of the story is a treat to watch as the novel advances towards its end.

As I started reading the first chapter, I felt that this book is not going to be an ordinary book, because of the ways in which the writer uses “literary techniques” at her disposal. Starting the book with a female thief doing a lot of ‘action’, gave me an adrenaline rush which I think is a perfect start to the story. The mood for some thrills and excitement is set right from the start! It definitely grabbed me and I was turning pages fast to find out what happens next.

There is a lot of “dramatic visualization” to describe the characters of Theodora and Hugh as well as Birdie which made me feel as if the reel is going on in my mind and I could imagine in great picturesque detail, what they were doing. The writer gets into the skin of the characters which pulls the reader close to the characters in spite of their faults and eventually you come to like them. The characters made me laugh, cry, feel sorry for them, despise them, get angry at them as they go all berserk, but most of all, I loved them!

The writer has a perfect blend of words when it comes to define characters, incidents and even beautiful scenery. For example, there is so much poetic beauty in these lines:

“A moist haze settled over the countryside reflected through the glass. Sunlight pooled in orange puddles beneath the hills as the blue of night bled into the horizon.” 

What an amazing vivid imagery! The writer does not shy away from using  metaphors and personification whenever it is required to highlight the intensity of the scenes. We see that there are sparks flying all over the place as Hugh and Birdie collide with each other. To describe the sexual tension between the two, the writer describes Hugh’s desire for Birdie in these lines:

“He was a red blooded male, which meant he was hardwired with the need to bed her. So his programming was infected with a bad case of lust. Emotionally, he was the Sahara Desert."

The writer uses “back-story” in the form of narration, dialogue, and even recollection to take out all the pieces of the puzzle before putting them together and placing them one by one to complete the maze. This is probably one of the reasons that in spite of so many characters, the reader does not feel lost or confused. There is not one boring line or sequence. The chapters are long but the advancement of the story is faced-paced with a lot of activity to keep the reader engaged. The only thing which the book needs is re-editing as it suffers from a few typos, other than that, I do not think that there is any loophole in story or form.

I think this book was out-an-out entertaining and I won’t be surprised if this series becomes a regular drama series on television or turns into a Hollywood project. There! I said it! Highly recommended due to great plot, excellent writing style (which proves great writers do not need traditional publishing methods to succeed!) and of course, the tangy witty banter between Hugh and Birdie!

Review Girl Rating: 9.5/10

“I would like to thank Christine Nolfi for sending me a copy of her book, “Treasure Me” for the purpose of reviewing it on my blog. To know the review rules and policy, click here. To buy this book, click here.”


  1. Love the description of "tangy...banter"! I wish Christine much success with her beautiful book. For sure, there are fantastic indie authors out there and I'm so glad there's a new path to entry.

  2. WOW! Awesome review. It sounds like Birdie is a very multi-layered character. You had me from the moment I read that she was a theif. Very intriguing.

  3. @Jenny: Either it was "sweet n sour" or "tangy", so I chose tangy!;) "Going Indie" is the new age mantra and its time readers get the chance to explore new talent!

  4. @Eliza: Hey! Good to c u back! I was missing your lovely comments! When the heroine is a thief, u know u got the reader hooked! Smart writer, I tell ya!:)


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