Poll Results and a dose of chatter!

Hello everyone!

As you all know that a poll was being conducted on the right hand sidebar of my blog, well, it has ended and the results are out now! Before I move on, I would like to thank everyone who voted in the poll and helped me figure out how my readers/followers are finding this blog. It turns out that the most votes went for “entertaining”, while “interesting” being voter’s second favourite. The detailed results are here:

How do you find this blog?
  7 (63%)

  4 (36%)

  9 (81%)

  5 (45%)

Votes received: 11
Poll closed

I am happy that the blog is turning out to be just the way I wanted it to come across to my readers/followers. I would like to keep it amusing as well as informative. If it wins the tag of being a “cool” blog along the way, it would be simply awesome! The poll column will stay intact on my blog with new questions every time, to help me understand what my readers expect from my blog and to keep my blog improving, making it better day by day. So, make your vote count by participating in the poll. The questions will be either about the blog or my dear readers.This time the poll question is:

What matters most in a blog?

Scroll down the right hand sidebar to see the multiple answers for selection and give your opinion now by placing your vote.

For me, my readers are my utmost priority so all suggestions and constructive feedback is considered carefully. That is why; I would like all of you to engage in the comments more and more, giving me instant response on every post that I publish, so I can get to know my readers more and interact with them. Whenever there is a new comment, I try to reply as soon as possible and I make sure that I respond individually to all comments. You can always follow the comments section to see my response to your comment. But when you comment, make it a point that your comments are strictly related and relevant to the given post; otherwise they will not be published.

Since this blog is at a very early stage, so as the blog progresses, new features and segments will be added along the way. Believe me, I am giving my best to make this blog a great place to seek reviews, recommendations as well as have fun and learn something new every time you visit my blog. Currently, I am considering starting a column, “Be My Guest” (this section is in the pipeline and will start as soon as the work will be done), which will have these segments:

Blogger Interview:
I am sure this will help my fellow bloggers and readers alike. I will select and interview one of my fellow bloggers and ask tips which will come handy for new bloggers. The featured blogger will benefit from traffic on his/her blog and their blog link will be provided so that readers can browse their blog and follow if they like it. (No compulsion there!)

Guest post:
You are all very familiar with this section. It will feature any of my fellow blogger (whom I will select) to be my guest and write one post for me. This will put a different flavour to my blog and readers will get to know their writing style. If my readers liked their post a lot, they might get a chance to get featured in this segment again.

Author Interview and Giveaway/contest:
Hopefully in near future! It all depends on authors who may consider my blog well-esteemed to enlighten my readers with their presence on my blog. Keeping my fingers crossed!

So folks, have fun reading and commenting on my blog, you may get to know blogger community better in the process! Heck, if you are lucky, you may find some friends with same interests!

Okay, enough about my blog already! Now, how is everyone celebrating Easter? Are you going out or staying in? How are you going to spend this long weekend? (Feeling lucky, don’t we all love a holiday?) Any plans for a romantic getaway? *wink*

Well, I will be all busy in shifting to my new house. Oh I am so excited! I know it is going to be exhausting packing and then unpacking stuff (well, that’s because I hate packing!) but I am looking forward to the part when I get to decorate my house. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! So, Happy Easter everyone! Signing off before I start chattering about something else and keep you all wondering when this post will end.

Chao for now, my friends!


  1. Cool, the author interview sounds awesome. Maybe some day, when I eventually become a published author you would honour me in an interview? Until that time, I will continue to read your blog as always :) And your picture of easter eggs has made me all hungry now lol!

  2. @Charlotte: Your comments always make me smile wide!*grin* Sure, girlie! It will be my pleasure to interview a talented chick!;)
    Hey, u gotta fill up on some easter eggs, especially those filled with dark chocolate..yummy! Keep enjoying my blog!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I don't really have big plans for Easter. I'm just hanging around with my family mostly :)

  5. @Komal Mansoor: I certainly will fill up on easter eggs...any man that gets in my way (my other half perhaps lol) will regret it lol! Have a lovely easter! :-)

  6. @Mag: Gud for u!:)
    @Charlotte: lol! tht's the spirit! High five for tht!:D thanks for ur wishes dear!:)

  7. Happy Easters Komz! The new look on the Blog looks awesome :)

  8. @Verma: Same to u!Oh that's great!:)I am trying to experiment with design n outlook of my blog to make it better.

  9. I just had to say that I LOVE your blog. It's the perfect blend of everything. It's fun and helpful. You've caught my interest and that's not an easy thing to do.

    P. S. You are awesome!

  10. @Elisabeth: I am flattered!:D Thanks so much for such sweet compliments. They mean a world to me, considering you are not only a wonderful person but also one heck of a blogger!:)


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