EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Celebrity Review: Jennifer Aniston

Artist: Jennifer Aniston

Career: TV Actress/ Film Actress/ Film Director/ Producer

Jennifer’s Persona:

With her flamboyant personality, sparkling green eyes and killer smile, she has captured the hearts of millions around the globe. She has enjoyed humongous popularity over the years, among both sexes equally, due to her magnetic screen presence and her profound acting abilities. Men want her, woman want to be like her, paparazzi follow her to catch a glimpse of her, co-stars envy her and directors want to cast her! Is she lucky or what? 

 Gifted with both looks and talent, she has featured in many commercials such as L’Oreal hair products ads and many music videos. Having blessed with a perfectly toned body, she has graced the covers of most reputable magazines, such as GQ, VOGUE and ELLE to name a few. Her shots look natural, spontaneous and lively. I have seen so many model photo shoots but the way she makes full use of her facial features, it surprises me. None of her pictures come out monotonous; they are always full of life and countless expressions. No doubt, the camera loves her!

She has been “the top-selling celebrity face of the entertainment industry” on Forbes, a regular in “100 Sexiest Women List” on FHM. She has topped Peoples “Best Dressed List” and “The Most Beautiful People List”, which proves how sought-after she has been and still is! 

Jennifer Uncovered:

Jennifer’s Acting:

Best known for her role as “Rachel Green” in the famous television sitcom “Friends”, she has become a household name since then. Though she has given guest appearances in other television shows such as Courteney Cox’s Dirt and Cougar Town as well as 30 Rock for which she also received an Emmy nomination, her most notable performance till date remains as Rachel in Friends, for which she earned an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series as well as five more nominations.

In my opinion, she delivers light-hearted as well intense scenes with equal maturity. There are so many scenes that I can quote but I will stick to two most significant ones, from my perspective. One: There is a fighting scene that takes place in Monica’s apartment, when Rachel and Ross are on a break and Ross sleeps with another woman and somehow, Rachel comes to know about it. The scene comes when Rachel is frustrated and angry over Ross and Ross tries to apologise for his mistake and they are oblivious of the fact that their friends are eavesdropping on them from Monica’s bedroom. Two: There is a bonding scene between Monica, Rachel and Phoebe when they all sit in the balcony, make jokes and drink rum punch and stare at some guy named George. While the former is an example of an intense scene, the latter is a light comedy scene and in both, Jennifer has excelled!

Coming to her film career, she has been a part of several blockbuster hits. But apart from many outstanding major roles, she has also played small roles or significant characters in many films. For example, while Bruce Almighty (2003) was a major hit, the film cannot be claimed by her, we all know it was a Jim Carrey film all in all. Similarly, while her acting is brilliant in He's Just Not That Into You (2009), she is sharing screen space with many other wonderful actors and her role is rather a small one. Co-starring with one of her ex-boyfriend Vince Vaughn, Jennifer’s The Break-Up (2006) gets harsh criticism from reviewers and fails to register as a good romantic comedy. Derailed (2005) and The Bounty Hunter (2010) fall under the category of modest commercial successes, driving me to conclude that Jennifer should stay away from action films! Recently released, Just Go With It (2011) was one pathetic remake of an old film "Cactus Flower". Word of caution: Choose your films wisely Jen! Since her potential as a movie star is limited to drama, rom-coms and light movies so she cannot be classified as a versatile Hollywood actress. Nonetheless, she is an asset to Hollywood and certainly a notable actress!

My Rating: 8.5/10

My list of Must-Watch Jennifer's Movies:

Jennifer plays a girl who falls in love with a gay guy (Paul Rudd). The movie is based on adult relationships which can get extremely complicated.

She is the One Jennifer plays one of the wives of two brothers in this film, based on sibling rivalry. The marital relationships start getting sour when a mistress comes back in town.

In this fun-filled yet touching film, Jennifer is part of a family who learns important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty and neurotic dog. This is my all-time favourite movie!

The Switch Jennifer’s role is that of a 40 year old woman who wants to get pregnant without a husband and decides to find a sperm donor. Several years later, she comes to know that her best friend, changed the sperm specimen with his own. 

Picture Perfect Jennifer’s character Kate is working on a career at an advertising agency, but she does not get well-deserved promotion because she is 'not stable enough'. The movie shows how Kate turns into a bad girl and manipulates other people to step on the success ladder. 


  1. Nice post. Nothing else for me to add.

  2. @film: glad u enjoyed the feature! Keep reading for more posts!:)

  3. This is cool, Komal. I like what you did here!

  4. Thanks Kim!:) Good to c ur comment here!:)

  5. Isn't she a doll! I LOVE this review and the pictures you posted of her. I've never seen most of those and didn't know a lot of the things you wrote about her. So neat ;) I LOVE it.

  6. @Elisabeth: You made me day with ur lovely feedback!:) I wanted to do this photo feature thing the way I used to do for magazines (cover features)..I m hoping to make this feature idea a weekly thing...Do u think it will be good for my blog?:)

  7. Jennifer Aniston is soo beautiful!! What about Office Space?? Hilarious movie - remember she was in that too; she never wore enough pieces of flair and ultimately flipped off her boss?!!! Great flick if you haven't seen it.

  8. @Cathy: I watched Office Space so long ago, it slipped off my mind...I think I have to watch it again to refresh my memory!:) That is what I like about Jen's movies, they always make u laugh or learn abt relationships...seems we both have same taste in movies!:)

  9. Haha, I was just about to comment that Office Space is the one Jennifer Aniston vehicle that I can stand, but I see you've already been reminded of it!
    I always think it's really interesting to see the people that others admire, so this post was interesting! Nice job!

  10. @Beth: Thanks so much for liking my posts. Its always nice when a fellow blogger encourages your work. Stay tuned in!:)


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