BE MY GUEST: Blogger Interview: Christine

Blogger: Christine Weber

With yet another blogger interview, I am here to give you a glimpse into the mind of a fellow blogger. This time, it’s funny Christine, who is making me smile (read as "laugh"!) with her witty answers. What are you waiting for? Read on and enjoy (preferably with a cup of hot mocha)!

RG= Review Girl 
CW= Christine Weber

RG: Tell us about yourself

CW: I’m a writer/blogger who believes that (a) mermaids exist, (b) lattes are the nectar of the fairy gods, (c) we are all part of this world for a larger purpose (involving acts of compassion and investing in others), (d) eating is a legitimate hobby, and (e) one should keep one’s throwing knives polished at all times in the event that Voldemort does, in fact, exist. Oh, and my friends call me Mary. *smiles*

RG: Why blogging?

CW: It’s all part of my ultimate plan to take over the world.

RG: Sounds like a wicked plan! *laughs* On the serious note, what is your blog about? 

CW: Books I love, authors I adore, and food I obsess over.

RG: I noticed some really tempting recipes on your blog. Do you post your family recipes or do you select them from some other source like cook books /websites etc? 

CW: When it comes to the blog, all my recipes are from family or friends. Except for the “cooking with dog” recipe, of course. *smirks*

RG: You also do discussions on your blog. How do you conduct them?

CW: I love blog discussions! They’re perfect for allowing us, as readers, to indulge in a variety of perspectives and challenge our own perceptions of a book. These discussions happen via facebook, email, or simply in the comments below the posts. Anyone is welcome—the more, the merrier!

RG: I could not agree more! I think the best way to interact with readers is discussions. I have set up a poll especially to know what my readers think, and then whenever I publish the results along with my opinion, it ends up in a discussion. So much fun! Okay, tell me about the layout/design/title of your blog. 

CW: Okay, so the title is based upon that whole “take over the world” thing I referred to above. What it should probably say is “A Ridiculously Uncoordinated Girl Plotting to Take Over Make-believe Worlds through Books, Handstands, and Imaginary Throwing Knives,” but I just went with “A Girl & Her Books.” As far as the layout and design, I’m probably the most un-tech-savvy person you’re likely to meet. It’s embarrassingly true. So when I went to start up the blog, a web-designer friend offered to create it if I sent him the text, specifications, photos, etc. I gave those to him, plus free rein, and he took it from there. The moral? Never underestimate the pity of an awesome, smart, web person.

RG: Oh, I think we are similar in that way! I don’t know a thing about graphics, maybe that’s why my blog looks so simple (design wise). Whatever you see, is all my humble effort. *sighs* Before I digress further, tell my readers why you chose to review literary fiction genre?

CW: The gorgeous writing and characterizations.

RG: How do you define a great novel? What qualities should it have? 

CW: A believable voice. Excellent writing. Plotting I’ll buy into. Characters I can climb inside. An internal sense of justice. Basically, let me see, taste, and breathe an evocative adventure through another’s skin, and you’ve got me.

RG: What do you enjoy more in a novel: beginnings or endings?

CW: The ending! For as much as I adore adventure, I want to know we’re headed somewhere worth my time.

RG: Your all time favourite book is... 

CW: Baroness Orczy’s The Scarlet Pimpernel. I first read it as a preteen and have consumed the novel at least 10 times since. It’s quite the perfect combination of intrigue, adventure, and yummy European accents.

RG: Your favourite character from any book and why?

CW: Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey. He’s British. He’s charming. He drinks tea in the bath.

RG: Hmmm..I see a lot of British inclination here! *wink* List one blog you read first thing in the morning. 

CW: Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents blog. Not only is his stuff informational for writers, but he has an awesome sense of humor and a cookie fetish.

RG: List 5 tips for fellow bloggers on how they can improve their blog.

1. Be consistent (pick a frequency and stick with it).

2. Be gracious (don’t take it personally, whatever “it” is at the time).

3. Be social (visit and glean from other bloggers).

4. Be sure to run a spell check.

5. Be yourself (because we’ll love you)!

RG: Well said! I think last one is the most important! The rest follows! What are the upcoming attractions on your blog?

CW: The one I’m most excited about is a hilarious author interview. I can’t disclose who it’s with yet; only that it’ll make you laugh.

RG: I gather you are an aspiring author, what kind of book are you writing and what is the story?

CW: Oh dear, where to start.... Um, how about I just sum it up by saying: Monsters? Check. Maiden? Check. A hot guy? Check. The world hanging by a thread? Well…isn’t it always? *winks*

Time for some fun! 

RG: Complete these sentences: 

My favourite lipstick is...
Okay, so I *blushingly* have to admit that I can’t remember the last time I wore lipstick. However, I am quite the chapstick fiend. Does that count?

One gadget I couldn’t do without is... my espresso machine.

My favourite place in my house is... my writing nook in the dining room. Sunny, warm, and close to said espresso machine.

For fabulous shoes, I go to... anywhere I can buy a cheap pair of beach sandals. (I live in California.)

I love the scent of Angel by VS.

CW: Thanks very much for the interview! You’ve got a fabulous blog and a lovely style about you.

RG: Oh! That is so sweet of you! It was great fun having you on my blog!

To visit Christine’s blog, click here.


  1. Great Interview. I'm going to have to check out Christine's (or should I say Mary) blog. She's hilarious.

  2. @Dawn: Thanks so much for enjoying the interview! Yep! she is so much fun!:) Hope to see more comments from you in future.


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